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IANNELLO INOX presents itself with a new logo.

No matter how fond we were to the previous one, the philosophy at the basis of our company is the one of continuous modernization to always guarantee the best and innovative technologies, on those bases we are glad to introduce to you the result of this operation of restyling that starts with our new logo but that will proceed in the following months affecting our entire coordinate, papery and digital image.

We did not change our style for vanity. We did like our old logo, we were fond of it, it was the backdrop to many memorable moments and important achievements. It is an integral part of our history. It has accompanied, step by step, our evolution and today, as a loyal companion, it supports us in a more ambitious trip and it evolves with us.

Today we started our new adventure towards innovation and because of this change we saw our logo in an evolutionary way. The logo has not been changed but it has simply been made more current by adopting a more emphatic lifestyle, in line with the expectations of our clients and inspired by the previous brand.

We decided to maintain the symbol of the world, to recall the internationalization of the company, and its roundish shape with a lack on the lower part almost reminiscent of a shape of mozzarella to communicate the strong bond with the tradition and our history. But the brand is new in terms of shape: proportional radius curves that alternate throughout the new lettering designed for greater solidity, a quick vision and recognisability of the previous one.

It’s a modern, dynamic and clear logo, tightly connected to our DNA and the values that we want to communicate: solidity, reliability, speediness, recognisability, internationalization and constant evolution. It shows our corporate’s vision and the entrepreneurial mindset that we are following: tradition, experience, professionality and innovation that merge together are today the values also transmitted in the symbol that represents our company. In the following days the new logo will be replaced on all our online channels.

Soon our new logo will officially replace the old one also in the public communications and in the business documents on paper.